Forum Title: Screen door(s) won't latch
Up until a few months ago, our back screen door would shut properly. I could let it go, it would swing in and catch. Now, the swing stops before the latch, so it hangs open about an inch. I realize that it's an older door that has seen better days, however, our brand spankin' new front storm door (one of the big pretty glass ones) does the EXACT same thing . What can I do to fix this so that they both latch properly without making them swing in any faster (sometimes it slams on the back of our feet as it is--OUCH!) Note: The storm door on the front doesn't have a catch I can move, and I don't think the one on the back needs moved either. I think the problem lies in the cylinders, but I'm not sure if they need adjusted/cleaned/replaced/etc. Thanks!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DOLORES WONG (Longmont, CO), 01/08/2019

Welcome to the Forums.... There are about a hundred different types... Much depends on the age and manufacturer. Could you tell us where you are (region) and possibly a pic of one you still have?

- DOROTHY WILSON (Newton, MA), 02/23/2019

Yup! There were two screws holding that little slider on, and the front one was loose and pulled away just a little bit. I tightened it up and now it's closing like it should. I went ahead and snugged the slider up a notch on the big storm door and it seems to be latching too...for now. Thanks!

- FRANCISCO HANSON (Thousand Oaks, CA), 02/10/2019

I often take a magic marker or a nail and make a little mark at each end of the bracket. It makes it easy to spot when it's slid and with each end of it marked you know right where to put it back.

- DARRYL HALE (Flagstaff, AZ), 02/20/2019

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